Social Entrepreneurship.

There is one (1) research paper due this term for Social Entrepreneurship. The assignment is designed to stretch your knowledge on selected topics. The paper will follow standard APA guidelines as to parenthetical annotation and works cited sections. Other parameters include twelve (12) point Ariel font, one inch margins, ¼ inch indentions, normal character spacing, single line spacing, headings, a cover sheet and works cited page, and no longer than 5 pages of text in length (7 total). No APA abstracts, executive summaries, running head, or letters of transmittal are required.

I am looking for a professional report that (a) demonstrates a command and understanding of the issues involved in the case and their interrelationships, (b) uses sound presentation logic and well thought through justifications, and (c) displays a liberal use of appropriate graphs, charts and tables, is expected. Turn in your Word files (Firstname.Lastname.IP01.Docx) to Canvas LMS for submission to Late submissions will not be accepted.

It is the list below for to do this project
1. Interview a Social Entrepreneur or manager of a non-profit organization. Please answer the following:
a. Name, address, telephone number, and email address of the Entrepreneur and the non-profit.
b. What problem are they solving?
c. Who is the target market for their organization?
d. How did they research the problem and were there competitors? I.E. Government or other non-profits.
e. How are they acting (solutions) on the problem identified in “b?”
f. Did they create an 501 (C)(3) or other designation? What legal structure did they implement? Sub S Corp, LLC, C Corp, etc.
g. How do they raise funds for operations?
h. What is the hardest part of creating the organization and day to day operations?
i. What advice do they have for other people that want to create a non-profit?

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The organization carries out various activities in providing safe and clean water for those in need. They include funding water projects, the organization stated that it funded 59, 400 water projects in 28 countries in the year 2019. These projects are expected to provide clean and safe drinking water to over 11 million people. Every single day they change over 4,000 new lives by providing them with clean water (We Believe We Can End The Water Crisis In Our Lifetime | Charity: Water, n.d.).

Their latest report in 2020 indicated that several projects have been completed in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Malawi, Nepal, Niger, Rwanda, and Uganda. Around 34, 853 people have gained access to clean drinking water through the organization (We Believe We Can End The Water Crisis In Our Lifetime | Charity: Water, n.d.). Drilling wells; at the end of 2013 they reported that they spent more money drilling wells and establishing up hand pipes in Tigray than anywhere else.

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