Social Science Question

Social Science Question

discuss mindfulness practices and podcast on self-care,

Through a discussion board submission, students will explore what aspects of mindfulness and self-care they currently use in their personal and/or professional life, 2 specific ways mindfulness can improve self-care, 3 specific reasons mindfulness is important in clinical social work, 2 specific mindful based self-care practices that they would like to enhance or begin practicing and identifying how they will challenge themselves to practice their 2 mindful based skills in the using a SMART goal outline.

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Mindfulness is an individual’s ability to concentrate fully on what they are doing at the moment, be aware of the surroundings, and not been overwhelmed by what is happening around them. On the other hand, self-care is the ability of a person to promote health and cope with a disease or a disability without the help of a health care practitioner (Farina et al., 2018). The two aspects of mindfulness and self-care used by students in their daily lives are, being attentive to teachers or lecturers in classes and personal acceptance. Acceptance as an aspect of mindfulness is used by professionals like doctors and nurses in their lives. Doctors can do all they can to restore a patient’s health, but in the end, the patient dies. The doctors need to accept that the patient’s life was out of their control and continue their work ( Cook-cottone & Guyker, 2018).