Strategic Management

Discussion Questions on Strategic Management

Using solid academic writing and 300-400 words, please answer the below DQ’s:

DQ1: Discuss how doing case analysis will help you develop skills needed to prepare recommendations for consideration in a Strategic Plan. What is a business model and how can it disrupt a company, industry and or both? Provide at least two examples.

DQ2: Throughout the course, you will need to identify various technology trends and sources of data that will help you understand those things impacting your Collaborative Learning Community’s company. Sources may include the following:, GCU library, government sites, white papers, etc. Of the sources that you have identified, which sources do you believe would be most useful and why, as it applies to the strategic case analysis and recommendations for strategic plan development?

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Case analysis is an important activity that prepares an individual for strategic planning by simulating common scenarios that arise in the business setup. Strategic planning is a discipline that has evolved over the years, and this advancement has facilitated the realization of an improved understanding of the various factors that one must consider in business. Considering how unpredictable the market is, there is little to no margin for error. Therefore, case analysis replicates real-life scenarios and allows an individual to familiarize with common problems that arise in the ordinary course of business. This allows a person to horn their skills and develop a knack for making the right decision even when under pressure.