Supreme Court Law

Supreme Court Law

) By now, you can appreciate the power and importance of the US Supreme Court, how its decisions can change over time and with the times. For instance, the Warren and Berger Courts certainly differ from the Rehnquist Court. With this in mind, please provide your personal opinions of the following:


  • Discuss how society affects the tone and decisions of the Supreme Court?
  • Discuss the current trends you notice.
  • With so many of the recent decisions being decided by such close votes, what does this indicate to you?
  • Discuss any recent decisions that you deem relevant, or indicative of the current tone of the Court.
  • Do you agree with these decisions? Why or why not?


2) During the Bush administration, we witnessed the impact Supreme Court decisions can have on the politics of our country.


  • Discuss the impact that politics can have on the identity of the Supreme Court. What role does the President play in this?
  • Please provide an analysis of the US Supreme Court, Pre-George W. Bush and Post-George W. Bush, it’s make-up and impact.
  • What changes have you seen to Supreme Court rulings throughout the Obama years?


3) Discuss the issues that you predict will be coming before the Supreme Court over the next 4 years and how you feel these issues are likely to be decided.

Requirements: 800 words

If you include any citations (such as to cases) they must be in BlueBook format. Please try not to include non-academic sources (no newspapers, blogs, etc.). Only include cases or legal commentary. References are optional, though.

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The decisions made by the U.S Supreme Court are rarely made without controversies from the public, and American history is filled with many public debates over the courts’ proper role in democracy. However, new issues in Court come from emerging trends, norms, and values in society (Bazzan & Migliorati, 2020). In many cases, society affects the Supreme Court’s decision because if the Court makes a ruling contrary to the public opinion, most likely, the public will lose trust in it. So, the Court must align its opinions with the public sentiments. Therefore, the Court tries as much as possible to maintain public
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