.” The Merchant of Venice

You are at a party, talking in a group of people. The subject comes around to Drama and people’s favourite plays and favourite ideas about plays. What are five interesting things( around two sentences) you can contribute to the conversation after having taken this class?

here is the list of plays we discussed during our classes

1: Antigone

2: N-town manuscript the mary of the medieval

3: the merchant of venice

4:la Cenerentola

5: the importance of being earnest

6: a raisin in the sun

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Another interesting thing from “the merchant of Venice” is the issue of exploitation. The play presents Shylock as a villain who merry when other people are suffering. The Shylock provides his loans to borrowers at exorbitant loans.   It signifies that business exploitation is along lived problem that has been affecting one generation to another.    True friendship is another interesting issue that is interesting from the play.   Antonio takes a big risk to secure 3000 ducats for his friend Bassanio who is advancing his interests to marry Portia, a wealthy heiress.    Without the surety that Bassanio will be in a position to repay his loans, Antonio went ahead to guarantee him a loan, risking his properties and life. Another compelling thing expressed is self-interest. The Shylock values money and property more than anything else. Unlike Antonio, the Shylock lends his money at higher interest rates.  Love is another exciting thing presented in the play.  Bassanio’s love for Portia makes him takes a risk attempt to secure her.

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