Topic 3 HCI – 655 DQ 1 & 2

Topic 3 HCI – 655 DQ 1 & 2

reply to each DQ 1 & 2 with 150-200 words each.

DQ 1:

Describe the different data entry methods used by clinicians. Which methods are the most efficient and why are some approaches favored over others by clinicians? How is information stored and retrieved in the EHR?

DQ 2:

What are the benefits associated with reconciliation of health care data? What are the challenges associated with reconciliation of health care data?……

Requirements: 150-200 words each


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Different data entries are used in health care, including paper-based methods involving gathering data through paper forms. The paper form generates much more response rates than web questionnaires. The second one is electronic methods which involve a computer or smartphones to collect patients’ information (Monica, 2017). With the increase in technology, electronic methods are highly used in healthcare. However, some situations

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