Week 4 300 words assigment

Week 4 300 words assigment

Research this topic both in your textbook and in at least three additional sources.

Write a scholarly article in APA format containing 300

AssignmentPoint ValueTotal
Thoroughly identify100 points each100 points
Failure to provide scholarly research-20 points-20 points
Errors in Spelling/Grammar-10 points-10 points
Late assignment-5 points per day-10 points per day
Failure to post word count-10 points-10 points
Failure to write a minimum of 300 words-10 points-10 points

Requirements: 300 words

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Divorce is an unprecedented vice, but there are factors, micro and macro factors that may influence an occurrence of a divorce. The factors that lead to divorces in families differ from one case to another. Many macro factors contribute to divorce. However, this paper will base its arguments on the micro elements which lead to divorce and separation. Some micro-level factors leading to divorce include the age of the marriage, race, religion and the shift of family dependence on the breadwinner from husband to wife also influences divorce. Studies have found that black women are more likely to divorce than women of other genders (Frost, 2020). He attributes this to inequality, discrimination, and interracial marriage faced by women of color.

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