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What impact has the Social Security Act of 1935 had on retirement in America? How has the impact of Social Security on retirement evolved over the years? What were the original intentions of the Social Security Act and does it continue to meet the original intentions of the legislation? Who has this legislation impacted the most?

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The Social Security Act (SSA) was created as an insurance program to pay retired people over 65 years a continuing income even after retiring (Gagnon, 2017). It was implemented in 1935 when the elderly people were highly unemployment and poor. The Act included social insurance programs and public assistance, and the primary aim was to assist citizens in need. The Act was meant to manage retirement incidents in the United States. It ensures that once an employee is retired, they still have access to income, health benefits, and security for the disabled. It creates federal benefits for retirees and ensures income support for the elderly. Over the years, the Act has evolved as the retirement age and age for claiming social security payments have changed across various sectors. It can start from age 62, and one can also claim

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