White-black racial code

In “Recitatif,”Toni Morrison explores the relationship between two female characters–both of different races–without specifying the race of either character. After reading “Recitatif,” explain how this text relates to our discussions of Morrison , the “white gaze,”and Sula.

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So you’re writing the paper on Recitatif but also how it relates to the sula the white gaze. I sent two reading Recitatif and the book.

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Recitatif relates to the discussions of Morrison, the “White Gaze,” and Sula by exposing unspoken racial codes in society. When talking of the “White Gaze,” Recitatif and Sula reveal society’s perceptions convey the worth of Blacks being warranted by white existence. Hence, in Recitatif, Morrison shows two girls, Twyla and Roberta, separated by race and class. This is evident in the story when these two friends met at a grocery store.

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