500 word discussion. Homeland Security – Terrorism (Week 2)

500 word discussion. Homeland Security – Terrorism (Week 2)

Discussion Questions: Analyze the idea that the only way to safeguard the public from continuing threat of bioterrorism is to impose restrictions on civil liberties. What are some trends that have been taken in American history in dealing with public health issues? Describe the various elements of public health statutes that are important elements of public health emergency response plans. Should restricting civil liberties be a last resort when dealing with public health issues?

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A bioterrorism attack is the use of foreign bodies which are biological and dangerous as weapons to attack people; this can affect the whole population exposed to it. Bioterrorism is cheaper to be arranged since all the agents needed are easily found and inexpensive. An example of a bioterrorism attack is the attack of anthrax that attacked the US (Armengaud, 2017). When it spreads to the people, the government has to do something to cure and treat the patients to avoid the death of the citizens. When a bioterrorism attack happens, it tends to limit the civil liberties of the citizens. When people have a lot of freedom, it has to be regulated to avoid mistakes one can make.

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