Physical and Personal Security

In this course, you have learned about various aspects of physical and personal security. Some of these elements include terrorism, insider threats, and homeland security. These concepts are not new but do have different elements today for individuals and governments. As threats arise, different measures and strategies are developed.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that includes:

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In the original edition of the NIPP published in 2006, NIPP reflects the progression from principles. It is simplified and tailored to existing risks, policies, and competitive conditions. It provides the basis for an interconnected and collaborative strategy to achieve the national vision in which vital physical and virtual resources are safe and robust, reduced vulnerabilities, minimized effects, detected and disrupted threats, and accelerated response and recovery (Bondarenko et al., 2021). It describes how public authorities work together to handle risks. The Nation’s welfare depends upon the establishment of a robust, vital infrastructure. These are the resources that sustain civilization as we know it, from clean water to transportation and electricity into financial processes and must at all costs be preserved. In the previous décade, there has been significant development of the vulnerabilities, risks, and effects of the risk climate
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