American Artworks

Select three artworks from the Americas that deal with supernatural beings or gods.

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Head of the rain god Tlaloc was one of the artworks of ancient American. This was located in the Mexico, state of Oaxaca and was the god of rain, thunder, and lightning. Apart from the old Americans, other people, Aztecs, and Maya also worshiped this god, and they gave him other different names. Tlaloc was vital because he provided water and he made the plants to grow. This means that peoples’ lives depended on him. He also protected them against the destructive forces of thunder and lightning. The goggles on his eyes acted as a pool of water whereas the snake on his neck was for striking lightening (Ruud, 2015). Dog with a human mask was another artwork based in the Mexico State of Colima. The relationship between a human mask and a dog explains that this creature was linked to a supernatural realm and magical world and that it reminded them of how a dog saved people from dying out of rising floods. It was a sign of protection to the Colima people.

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American Artworks
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