Focused-content portal

Find one example of an affinity portal and one example of a focused-content portal not mentioned in the textbook. Write a paper of approximately 3 pages that explains why both of your examples should be categorized as an affinity portal or a focused-content portal.

For both examples:

Answer preview offer intensive e-commerce services. It is the online destination for all gardening supplies as well as an information center. It provides users with fascinating outdoor experience. By accessing their portal, the user can obtain a wide of information of the traditional as well as update patio furniture, outdoor living facilities, and equipment, housing structures such as arbors gazebos and greenhouses, painters, rugs and mats, watering equipment, gifts, and lawn care equipment. After a user identifies the kind of a product to buy, provides an efficient way for purchasing through an electronic money system. Besides selling of products provide the user with information by explaining to their users on the benefits, the can obtain from the use of certain products.

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Focused-content portal
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