An argument research paper

Please follow the instructions carefully.

• 10 Page Analytical Essay

you will work on a paper that will be a minimum of 10 pages, not counting the Works Cited page. You will choose a public figure and thoroughly analyze his or her rhetoric in context. Your paper should contain the following:

1. A thesis statement that identifies your figure’s main argument and supporting claims that will be the focus of your paper;
2. Relevant historical or political context that readers need to know in order to understand your analysis;
3. A thorough analysis of your figure’s rhetorical strategies (that is, how s/he is attempting to persuade their audience, and for what purpose). Use quotes and examples from your figure’s speeches, writings, or interviews to support your analysis;
4. A thorough evaluation of the persuasive value of his or her rhetoric–is it persuasive? Is it truthful? Deceitful? Explain why you find it persuasive or unpersuasive and truthful or deceitful (or a combination).
5. A substantive discussion of the significance of this figure and why understanding this person’s rhetoric is important.

Your paper should have the following additional features:
1. It must contain at least one primary source of rhetoric from your chosen figure, but it can also combine multiple (for example, you may analyze one speech or a pastiche of speeches).
2. It must contain at least 2 additional resources, not from your figure, to support your analysis.
3. It must adhere to MLA citation format.
4. It must use language and style conventions appropriate for an academic audience.

5. It must be thoroughly edited.


I want you to follow the steps as carefully as you can please. Also, make sure to have 10 pages not including the work cited page. You can choose any famous person that you know very well.

The important thing the research paper has to be an argument about what does he/she did good and bad.

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Barrack Obama

A rhetoric refers to a form of expressive communication that originated from Greek. It is coined from a Greek word meaning ‘speaker’. It has been developed into an art of persuasive or effective speaking or writing. The purpose of a rhetoric is to convey a certain message (Brummet 4). It is to create an argumentative platform upon which one can support their points of view. It has been a means of expression…

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