Should guns be permitted on college campuses?

write a persuasive essay proving your side of this issue.

  • Topic: Should guns be permitted on college campuses?
  • Your essay should be about 2-5 pages long.( without cover page and reference page)
  • Your introductory paragraph must include a thesis statement that indicates the position you are taking on the issue.
  • Double Space your essay.
  • Use MLA Formatting for name, course number, date, etc.
  • Write in third person.
  • Choose from one of the topics below.
  • Use at least ONE source

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On the issue of arms being allowed in the college arena, there have been countless debates (Morse & Sponsler, 2016). There are quite a number of supporters of the arms being allowed on campuses and in the same manner, there are as well those who are against the whole issue. Both sides have pros and cons to them. This paper aims at providing an argument for the move towards allowing guns on college campuses by highlighting the various benefits that come with the said practice.(749words)

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