Analysis of Occupational Performance

Case Study

This is a case study paper, im giving you the instructions and also the case I need to follow with a diagnose included. I need at least 3 different treatments plans based on the patient situation. The treatments need to be based the long and short terms goals you want to accomplish. I also need at least 10 pages, and follow carefully all the instructions and procedures as is shown on the pictures

this is the case I need to analyze and work on it, and I also attach the instructions

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Occupational performance covers a range of aspects but simply defined as the ability to carry out the essential activities that one needs to achieve as per the situation that one ascribes (Christiansen & Bass, 2015). In developing an effective treatment plan, one needs to center the efforts on the patient. That is to customize the program according to a particular patient’s circumstances. It must also put into consideration both short term and long term goals that need achievement. This paper is an analysis of a case study concerning an individual with occupational performance deficits. The paper aims at providing a brief exposition on treatment plans developed to assist the individual…

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