American History after 1865

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Southern Industrialization

Having depended on slave labor for much of their past, it is no surprise that Southerners found ways to maintain the institutions of slavery despite the laws. One of the most horrendous was called convict leasing in which prisoners were leased out to private firms. The state pocketed a profit and the business owner got very cheap labor. This institution still exists in some forms in some states. Explain how this system effected the African American community in the South. What other institutions created by Southern states kept African Americans in the status of second class citizens?

This documentary graphically explains the institution of convict leasing.

Slavery By Another Name

Western Industrialization

The industrialization of the Western US included the uprooting of the native people who lived all across the vast area between Mexico and Canada. What was the policy of the US government towards Native Americans and how did it explain this policy? What was the impact of these policies on Native Americans?

Here is a video presentation of images of Chief Joseph of the Nimiipuu tribe. He led his people in a desperate attempt to escape being forced onto a reservation in the US. His words graphically portray the contrast in world views held by his people and those in Washington, DC.

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After the abolishment of the Blacks codes in the south by the deferral government, the convict system was then introduced to curb the shortage of labor.  Under the convict system, the employers or the industrialist are the ones responsible for their workers thus had to provide them with housing and food. The majority of the convict laborers were African American, and they were exploited by being overworked, and they had limited access to food and water (Ingram, 2017). Also, the African American were forced…

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