Arbitration organization in islamic countries

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And can you please mention some examples? maybe any International Arbitration organization in islamic countries like Saudi Arabia or Iran …..

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The Sunnah is restricted to some issues, but it covers many topics, including creedal and non-creedal aspects of life. Sharia law was also obtained from Ijma, which means consensus of the Muslim community (Alqudah, 2017). The fourth source of sharia law is Qiyas and entails the analogical deductions and reasoning done by Islamic scholars via analysis done together with an interpretation of the other sources. The sharia law has been recognized in several countries, especially those conducting business with Middle East Countries (Alqudah, 2017). The lawyers from the other countries have recognized that sharia law has had a great impact in controlling the partners’ disputes. As such, sharia law (Islamic law) has an impact not only on international arbitration but also on international business practices.

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