Article Review

Article Review

In this assignment, you will conduct an Article Review of the professional journal article assigned in this module.

You will compose a written review that include (Article Review Assignment Worksheets):

  1. a brief summary of the article read
  2. list of important information learned from the article
  3. questions you have about the article
  4. how you will apply information from the article to your future work as a BCBA

Requirements: Normal

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According to previous studies, particular behaviors among the interviewer can induce incorrect responses from children’s interviewees. The current research aims to analyze the impacts of approving and disapproving statements on the accuracy of children’s responses in an interview. This goal was part of the first experiment. The second experiment aims at assessing three interview approaches that interviewers can apply in forensic questioning. Forensic investigations will require children to engage in legal investigations as eyewitnesses. A typical interview technique established in forensic questioning is requesting the children’s witnesses to recount events multiple times. This approach may extensively impact the accuracy of the responses obtained from the eyewitnesses. The dependent variable is the accuracy of children’s

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