Buffer overflow attacks.

Essay Paper : Buffer Overflow Attacks

Your essay papers will include your research procedures, data, analytics on your cyber threat findings on Buffer Overflow Attacks. You will demonstrate what, how, why, where and who related to these cyber attacks. You will include details on how these attacks take place to attack specific targets with various motivations.

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Defining research procedures is critical when evaluating buffer overflow attacks. To identify what, how, why, where, and who related to buffer overflow attacks, a literature review was carried on the previously written articles that addressed the issues of buffer overflow attacks. The articles were searched from the university databases. In this case, a given criterion was used to determine the eligibility of the hacking cases published. One of the criteria used to evaluate the articles is determining the type of cyber-attacks. All articles that discussed other types of cyberattacks, such as phishing, were excluded from the research. In this regard, only ten articles were searched from the university database. After critical evaluation, only four articles met minimum requirements.  All four articles addressed different buffer overflows that took place in different countries with certain time frames. In the search process, the Mesh terms were combined with words such as “and” and “or.”  The mesh term was filled in the search button, where the best articles were selected for the research.

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