Cancerous and noncancerous

approximately 15% of female cancer in the United States is of the breast, second to skin cancer. Discuss when a patient presents to you with a breast mass, what are your differentials? What is your plan of care for a patient who presents with a breast mass, both cancerous and noncancerous?

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Breast masses or lumps are one of the symptoms of different health problems, including cancer and fibrous growths. If a patient presents with breast mass, various reasons could be the cause, and therefore differential diagnosis should be made to determine the constituents of the breast masses. The differential diagnoses for the patient with a dominant breast mass include cancer, fat necrosis, fibroadenoma, fibrocystic change, and macrocyst (Watanabe et al., 2019). According to Berg (2020), cysts are a major cause of breast masses, especially for women aged over forty years. They fluctuate with women’s menstrual cycles because they are mainly common

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