Given the context of a general anti-science movement in the world, what can we do as
scientists or pharmacologists to inform the general population about the principles of the
drugs they consume and their effects? Your next mission, whether you accept it or not, is to
write a popular science article on a topic related to pharmacology to educate a specific
the population of your choice.
• Approximately 500 words

• Use a catchy title.
• If you desire to format it as if it was an article in a magazine, go ahead. Making your work visually appealing also attracts the attention of your intended readership.
• Identify your target audience in the header.

Concepts considered during the evaluation:

Foundation of nursing practice


Professional ethics are at the foundation of nursing practice. Exploring ethical and legal issues that commonly arise in the practice of
the health care professional provides student nurses with the knowledge they need to understand their role in providing ethical care to
their patients. Ethical dilemmas in healthcare are not unique to nurses; however, the health care landscape is changing at an
unprecedented rate creating the potential for new dilemmas in practice. By examining the role of the nurse in collaboration with other
health care professionals, students learn the foundations for critically analyzing ethical dilemmas in nursing practice, clarifying values
and promoting moral considerations regarding health care challenges.
Develop a scholarly paper from one (1) of the following ethical topics/issues:
a. Professional Standards and Institutional Ethics

knowledge of the metabolic changes


Case Study Posting Requirements

Make sure all of the topics in the case study have been addressed.

Cite at least three sources; journal articles, textbooks, or evidenced-based websites to support the content.

All sources must be within five years.
Do not use .com, Wikipedia, or up-to-date, etc., for your sources

Case study #3

Kevin worked for 10 years at a uranium mine, excavating uranium for a nearby nuclear power plant. Now, 25 years later, he has small cell lung cancer. Kevin is anorexic and has lost a considerable amount of weight. His muscles are wasting, and he is weak. He tries to move around the house throughout the day but tires easily. It has been difficult for him to access care, and the treatment for his cancer is just starting.

Health Information Technology


For this assignment:

Visit the Health Information Technology: Key Topics website.
Choose one of the topics listed.
Click on the topic and explore the information provided.

Using the informationaccessed from this site, write a four- to five-pagepaper (excludingtitle and referencepages) in which youassess this information and discussyourreactions and opposingviewpoints on the issues. The papermust be in APAstyle as outlined

Instructive guidance

Visit AHRQ Website (Please click on the link Please click on Key Topics located on left navigation area and choose ONE of the topics listed such as electronic health records, electronic prescribing, health info exchange, etc from the Website to complete

Paper Review


4.5 pages


3 ref including the article reference

Due tomorrow morning

Paper Review 2

I have uploaded the paper instruction. Please let me know if you have any questions. I’ve put it that it is 3 pages but it could be less than that like 2 pages. Just make sure to do all the parts.

Health Care Information


The Impact of Health Care Information: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow”

Analyze the key reasons why healthcare organization managers and leaders must understand and actively engage in the implementation of efficient health information systems.

Articulate how health care managers and leaders can achieve better health for

Workout Program


Length: 4-5 pages double spaced, times new roman font 12

Make sure to cite your sources and include a bibliography- format is up to you for citations
Yes, you will need outside sources including scholarly journals, but can also use the additional readings on to support your program..

Make sure to support your choices with facts and citations.


Create a workout program design for the client described below. Choose different workouts for different days (for example running for cardio but practicing yoga for stress relief and flexibility on a different day). Make sure to include the details- for example instead of saying “strength training” provide details like the specific exercises, or the style of training (an example might be rucking).

Osteopathic physician


Answer the questions no less than 250 words, no copy and paste, no plagiarism.

1.)Refer to Cardwell v. Bechtol case study found in the case study folder. Was the consent verbal or written? Does the case discuss the elements of informed consent?

Reply to the following post with at least 150 words, nocopy and paste and noplagiarism

(Robert post)

In the case study involving Cardwell v. Bechtol, an osteopathic physician was being sued by the parents of a 17 year old girl who was treated by the physician without obtaining consent from the parents. Ms. Cardwell went to see Bechtol, an osteopathic physician, who had treated her father for similar injuries in the past. After explaining her injuries and previous prognoses, Bechtol explained that he would perform treatments on her over the next couple of weeks known as spinal manipulation. Bechtol, a physician who had been blind for most of his life, ascertained that Ms. Cardwell was a mature young woman, mentally capable of providing consent for herself, and verbally took her consent to perform treatment. After having this treatment done, she experienced severe back pain and was eventually admitted to the hospital. Her parents then decided to sue Bechtol, claiming that he had not obtained their consent to treat their daughter.

Ms. Cardwell was only 5 months away from her 18th birthday, so it’s not as if she was an incompetent child. Her parents also allowed her to go visit her primary physician alone, on the same day that she visited Bechtol. The primary physician did not obtain consent from the parents prior to seeing Ms. Cardwell, but they did not have an issue with that. Bechtol

Mental Illness


Your essay must contain an introduction paragraph that ends in a clear thesis statement, at least three body paragraphs with 10 sentences each, and a conclusion. Each body paragraph must contain at least two examples, paraphrases, or direct quotes from an outside source that are followed up with an explanation from the essay writers. Make sure you proofread and spell check before turning in a final draft. Since you will need to do research for this assignment,

Hidden Informal policies


Please submit one original post (400-500 words) and respond to at least two peer posts (75-150 words). Cite the text and the Martin chapter when appropriate. Although you must cite the text and the Martin chapter at a minimum to receive full credit for this assignment, you may also cite one or two additional relevant peer-reviewed journal articles if you wish. (Articles may be cited in either your initial posting or your responses to peers.) Be sure that you have addressed all parts of the required response.

When you respond to peers, respond as if you were dialoguing with them, so be sure that your posts are related to their initial postings. Your posting needs to deepen the discussion by adding an additional perspective, sharing new information, or asking an additional question to get your colleague to think more critically about the issue – it should not be a new posting on your part that doesn’t connect to the initial posting or a mere “I agree with everything you’ve said” statement.

Affordable Care Act


Health Care Reform In the News article – every student is required to post one news article to Blackboard regarding the new Affordable Care Act (ACA) Law also known as Health Care Reform. Post into the appropriate discussion forum in Blackboard. Produce a 2 paragraph summary of objective of the article and 1 point that you find interesting and/or what stood out to you to be noted.

Transcultural Nursing Care in Hispanic American culture


POWER POINT Slides format make it colorful

theoretical nursing framework factors that influence Transcultural Nursing Care in Hispanic /American culture.Create a clinical scenario and use the chosen theoretical nursing framework as a guide in the planning and delivery of patient care/interventions. 7. Based on the scenario, develop a culturally sensitive Education Plan* for the patient upon discharge, utilizing the chosen theoretical nursing framework. 8. Include the various transcultural concepts,

External environment


Organizations examine their external environment (consisting of social/cultural, technological, economic, environmental, and political/legal/regulatory areas) for opportunities and/or threats to their operation.

Identify one issue, trend, etc. that is impacting your organization (or this university) either in a positive or negative manner. What is the significance of the issue in terms of the

Critical Thinking – Substantive Representation


GOVT 2306 – Dr. Lukash Shrestha

Critical Thinking Assignment #2 – Substantive Representation

OBJECTIVE: This assignment has two key purposes: 1) to familiarize the student with their congressional representative and their stance on a key issue; 2) to assess the student’s sense of personal responsibility (ethical choices and consequences) by expressing a position on that same issue and the social impact of that position. This means you are showing your ability to understand your representative’s position on an important political matter and to compare your own position with their stance—all while exploring how this issue impacts your community

Trauma-informed care therapy program


Imagine that you are working at an agency that serves victims of domestic violence. You have been asked by the agency’s clinical director to create a trauma-informed care therapy program for victims of domestic violence.

Write a 700-1,050-word essay describing the program you would want to create. Address the following in your essay:

Describe how you would do a needs assessment to determine the need for such a program. Would you use quantitative or qualitative tools? Why?
What tool would you use to measure the outcome of the program? Would you use a quantitative or a qualitative tool? Why?

Research one trauma-informed care intervention you would recommend to the clinical director and evaluate its effectiveness. Discuss its validity and reliability as an intervention. Was the research conducted based on quantitative or qualitative measures?

Workplace violence in Massachusetts social service agencies


For this Assignment, focus on the Zelnick et al. article on workplace violence and consider what plan you might want to have in place if you were an administrator having to address a similar workplace violence situation. Article listed below:

Zelnick, J. R., Slayter, E., Flanzbaum, B., Butler, N., Domingo, B., Perlstein, J., & Trust, C. (2013). Part of the job? Workplace violence in Massachusetts social service agencies. Health & Social Work, 38(2), 75–85.

Draft a plan for a human services organization explaining how to address traumatic emergency situations. Include both how to respond to the emergency and how to address any long-term effects. Finally, based on this week�s resources and your personal experiences, explain your greatest concern about the safety of mental health professionals working in a human services organization.

Undetected post-traumatic stress disorder in secondary-care mental health services


write a critique review on the “Undetected post-traumatic stress disorder in secondary-care mental health services: systematic review” research article posted on the link below. you may cited at list 7 authors that participate in the study on the body of your critique. APA Format, double space, 5 pages of coherent content. PLEASE FOLLOW THE RUBRIC BELOW. I

Medical Ethics


three paragraphs per question with academic references

Ms word

Medical Ethics Today
The BMA’s Handbook of Ethics and Law

Third Edition

Why There Is Homelessness in the USA


Note: If you know easier topic than this, please let me know.

Argument Essay (controversial topic) research essay. MLA style. At least 1875 words. 6 pages. 6 Sources. Thesis has to be arguable, defensible and reasonable. Thesis cannot be question, fact or religious. The Essay has to have three supporting ideas plus one argument idea (the opposite idea). Please no fantasy words,

Financial status of the Medicare program


Reply to the following discussion at least 150 words, no copy and paste, no plagiarism


The Medicare solvency projection is one way of measuring Medicare’s financial status. Since the Medicare fund only includes Part A benefits, it is not a full scope of the financial status of the Medicare program. In the years when the income exceeds the benefits paid, there is an increased in the asset level. In years when the benefit spending exceeds the income, the assets decrease. Each year, this calculation is used to project how long the Medicare program will last. I remember hearing about his some years back and never understood how the projections kept changing. I see now that the payroll taxes play a roll in the Medicare trust fund and it’s speculated that as the baby boomer’s continue to retire, the workforce will decrease, therefore less payroll taxes, but also the expenses will increase due to projected increase in benefit spending as the baby boomer’s age and their needs for health care services grow.

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