Career and Technical Education

How does the new Career and Technical Education (CTE) differ from the old Vocation Education (Voc Ed)? To carry this forward, what is “Linked Learning” and what do its supporters envision for it? It does offer a very active role for career counselors. What is your opinion of Linked Learning? Do you think it could be successfully introduced into our current educational system? Why or why not? 2 sources required for reference and citation, necessary one attached below. 600 words.

Required source:

Dugger, S. M. (2016). Foundations of career counseling: A case-based approach. New York: Pearson

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I view linked learning as an innovative learning approach in schools, which is beneficial to both students and their teachers. This is because teachers can deliver lessons to their students to relate to the current trends in the modern corporate world. Also, with linked Learning, courses make more sense to students due to the present connection of the skills they acquire in school with the real world.  Linked Learning is adopted differently in different high schools universities, depending on the curriculum guidelines for those specific institutions. Even though there is that difference, there are certain aspects that are common across those institutions. These include thorough academics, work-based lessons, Career Technical Education, and professional support systems. The comprehensive academics and technical education should comply with the rules governing state universities, colleges, and other training institutions. The work-based lessons

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Career and Technical Education
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