2) Instructor wants financial charts and/or any other other charts that can support the numbers or scenarios included in this business plan


I have a case analysis paper coming up on the "WestJet" case and it needs to be 4 to 5 pages long. You will need to read over the WestJet…


Think about how you would feel if there were no rules regarding how your credit card information was stored on merchants’ websites. Consider whether you would purchase items online.


Rita McGrath, Columbia Business School professor and author of the article, "Transient Advantage," discusses several traps that can blind a company to the need for imminent changes to their strategy…


Applying Business Law Choose Topic: Law Select number of pages: 1


You have recently been hired as the HR manager of a small furniture manufacturing company that has 63 employees. These employees include everyone from line workers to upper management. You…


Create a PowerPoint presentation describing ways to prepare for a job interview. Please address the following topics: Describe ways to prepare for an interview. List three different types of interview…


LO 5 Why is it often difficult for a firm to match its strategy to HR deliverables?


During the In-Residence you will be presenting a business plan for an innovative venture to a panel of investors. Your final project in this course will go into greater depth…


Find & Post (or post a link to) an example of business communication (such as a photo, short video, brief piece of writing, news release, song, etc, and that, based…