1. What is the role and importance of ethical research and how does it impact issues within your current job


Suppose you have an opportunity to either: (1) send $800 to an area suffering from famine, in order to save a dozen people from starvation or (2) give the money…


This competency will allow you to demonstrate your understanding of notable Eastern ethical systems through explanation and description.


From any one of the situational factors, explore how you can identify how the factors may have "encouraged" you to do an unethical behavior.


Utilize virtue and character-based ethical theories in case studies. Instructions


Answer 3 of the following questions: 2 pages each, 12-point font; double spaced for each question. Cite course lectures and readings. Due on December 10 by noon.


Review this week’s Learning Resources and focus on how ethical conduct can be addressed in NPOs/NGOs. Select an NPO/NGO that has encountered an ethical issue or dilemma. It may be…


Discuss the following:Discuss the importance of informed consent procedures prior to assessments and interventions.


The four approaches to PR to analyse publicity stunts, use ethical principles of your choice, guidelines public campaigns.


Superstitions are unsupported beliefs about cause and effect that guide the actions of many people. Pick a superstition that you have or that you have heard another person discuss.


Step 2- Define racism & discrimination. These definitions should be paraphrased, not cut and pasted. These definitions should be from journal articles, the social work dictionary, or a social work/social…


Create a 10- to 12-slide presentation with detailed speaker notes to deliver to the organization with your proposed strategy. Include the following: