Germany economy.

The due diligence analyses on the three countries chosen ( Germany/developed country, cuba/emerging country and Nigeria/ developing country.. )will continue the exploration of management decision making processes. For each of your countries, you will create a

1) roadmap for your entry strategy into the country with which type of ownership structure you would use, providing examples of why this would be the best choice.

2) You will discuss whether there are regulations with regards to trade in moving into this country.

3) Provide a SWOT analysis of the government and political issues you will be encountering during the entry process.

4) discuss all the legal and ethical challenges you foresee in moving into this arena.

A minimum of 1.5 pages per country is required and you will follow APA (6th edition) formatting , with title and reference pages, indented paragraphs and a minimum of four APA formatted references and associated in-text citations


Biotech’s business model

please split sections 1 and 2 up so 1 page for each

Learning Activity #1 – Theme 1

In the 20th Century, many organizations focused on goals, cost, and efficiency in production to keep business profitable. Today, for businesses to remain sustainable they must maintain a competitive advantage either by price, new product ventures, location, innovation in the marketplace, etc. In theme 1, we will begin to put together the process of bringing a new product line into Biotech’s business model to stimulate growth in a new product sector, cosmetics, while remaining true to the company’s current Mission “To develop products that are safe, effective, affordable and natural with the customer’s health always their primary goal.” This new Cosmetics Division of Biotech will be located in Asia and the company intends for it to be a leader in the use of sustainable products using the latest innovations for production and delivery to our global customers. Consider the information below:

Recently, Geraldine Barney Garrett, the granddaughter of Wilford Barney who held the reins of the R&D department for Biotech Health and Life Products in 1965, retired and Geraldine’s own granddaughter, Melanie Malone, took over the department. Melanie is qualified for the job. She was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Maryland College Park with a double major in Botany and Food Science. She minored in Business Management. She had worked in the plant in Chicago every summer since High School and had reproduced and revised all her grandmother’s and great-great grandmother’s recipes. Starting full-time at 22 years of age Melanie got along with everyone in the department but at 27 Geraldine thought she may be too young to assume the position, but Melanie has shown strong managerial and leadership qualities since stepping into the role. Melanie wants the company to be a leader in innovative ways to be a sustainable company using green technologies as well as friendly to the environment, animals, and human health.

Maximillian Barney, the President, CEO and Wilford Barney’s grandchild, decided the challenge of deciding on a location for the new Cosmetic Division as well as the search for a Division Director would fall on Melanie. Since Melanie is passionate about keeping business focused on all-natural products and developing ecofriendly packaging,


Professional Development & Credentialing.

Abstracts must be typed double-spaced with 1″ margins. No fonts larger than 12 point are to be used. Abstracts should be 1-1/2 to 2 pages in length. Neatness (spelling grammar, appearance) counts. Abstracts must be stapled. Do not use a cover sheet. Any variation from the above format will result in loss of points. Abstracts may be graded by for grammar and spelling.

Write an abstract of the attached article.

I will also attach an example of how I want it.

I. Bibliography Citation

A. Author, “Title of Article”, Title of Periodical, date, page number(s).

II. Body (in your own words)

A. State briefly the content and main points of the article. Presentation of the information in a logical, free flowing manner is imperative — a person should be able to read your abstract and understand the main points without having to read the article itself.


Management leadership to federal departments.

The term global war on terrorism (GWOT) remains fixed in the American lexicon. The Obama Administration, soon after taking office, directed all military and civilian federal agencies to refer to efforts to combat terrorism, particularly in reference to the two primary theatres of operation (Afghanistan and Iraq), as “overseas contingency operations.” For the purposes of clarity and ease of understanding for the learner, the term GWOT is used in this assignment.

You have been asked, as a recognized homeland security expert in your jurisdiction, to write a memo for your newly elected U.S. senator. She would like to know your thoughts on the following questions.

Using the course materials, textbook, and Web resources, consider the following questions as you write a memo of 750–1,000 words to your senator.

Assignment Guidelines

Address the following in 750–1,000 words:
Have the strategies enacted since 2001 clearly articulated the transition from the posture adopted during the Cold War to that required for non-state threats and the conduct of the GWOT?
Are they clear enough to define roles of organizations that are responsible for homeland security? Have you identified any areas of conflict (potential or actual) between federal agencies’ assignments?
Several HSPDs assign responsibilities for incident management leadership to federal departments that fall outside of the area of responsibility of the Department of Homeland Security.


Human resource practices.

I have recently visited with the Human Resources Director, Hope Goldberg at the Watercolor Inn located on Scenic 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. This is right next door to Seaside, FL. St. Joe manages a few different resorts, golf courses, vacation rentals, and restaurants. Please visit (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for more of a company profile.

Please share with us your thoughts, favorite take-aways, surprising insights on Ms. Goldberg’s visit to our class. Make sure to acknowledge points that Ms. Goldberg makes that is related to the readings.


Process of team management and leadership.

With a society that is so diverse in its own nature, issues pertaining to cultural diversity are bound to occur in the process of team management and leadership. Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, research about cultural diversity. Based on your research and understanding, answer the following questions:

How does having members of different cultures on a team affect the team’s performance?
How would you incorporate a person from a culture of your choice into your team, keeping in mind communication differences within your and the chosen culture?


Organizational plan.

Resource: Succession Planning templates found on the Internet

You believe that a Career Development Plan for the HR Department would be very beneficial and could nicely feed into a succession plan for your department within the company.

Create an organizational plan for career paths in the HR Department and succession planning that considers vacancy, readiness, and transition risks for the next Human Resource Director.

Consider internal candidates and potential external candidates for future openings in your research.

Differentiate between organizational, group, individual, and job needs assessments.

Use the Student Materials to aid you in this assignment.

Prepare a 15-slide presentation.

Design a new organization chart for the HR Department that contemplates company growth and the need for additional HR positions and include it in the organizational plan.

Format your organizational plan consistent with APA guidelines.

Use headings to appropriately signal the topics and keep your document organized.


justice and intellectual confidence.

After reading this week’s lectures on the qualities of a Fair-Minded Thinker, select one quality you feel you possess and describe how you embody this quality.

Next, select two qualities you feel you need to improve upon.

Using the five step decision making process outlined below, create a plan of action to improve in those areas. Please be sure to outline the specific steps you’ll take to overcome any obstacles you face.

Your completed assignment should be written primarily in first person and should be 500-750 words in length. If you use sources in your writing, be sure to identify them. If you use any direct language from a source, be sure to place those words in quotation marks.

Decision Making Process

Step One: As clearly as possible, define the decision you are faced with.
Step Two: Consider each possible choice you have for resolving the issue.
Step Three: Gather as much relevant information as time allows, and identify the pros and cons of each of the choices you have to solve your issue.


personal ideology.

This chapter is perhaps the heart of our study of Ethical Decision Making in Business Management.At least it is to me.My preference is to study our narrow interpretation of “Business Ethics” by understanding the classics of ethical thought.Unfortunately, this book doesn’t go that route.No problem.

Let’s try this approach…Read up on Utilitarianism on page 68: “Greatest Good for the Greatest Number.”Sounds enlightened, doesn’t it?Now, please take a look at:

(Hold on.Parental Advisory time: the short story I am about to ask you to read is deeply unsettling in itself.Additionally, the story contains some superfluous references to nakedness, drug use, and the gratuitous addition of the word “copulation”.{It was written in the 70s, after all.}If this offends you, or you believe that you might be offended by it, please DO NOT read the following…)


Publicly traded banks.

For this assignment, you will write a minimum three-page paper (not including APA title or references pages). In this paper, please address the following questions:

What are the operational risk exposures that banks encounter?

What are specific system and technology risks that banks face?

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