developing a strategic plan

Week 8 DQ 1/2:  developing a strategicplan

DQ 1

Describe the roles to be filled in developing a strategic plan. Is there a hierarchy of roles? What strategies would support the roles? What might make the roles more complicated? Explain your answers. 500  WORDS


You have been asked by the superintendent to analyze the district’s strategic plan. Describe your plan for accomplishing this task. Describe how you would frame your recommendations for improving or updating the strategic plan. 500 wORDS

Requirements: 1000


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A strategic plan is a process through which an organization defines the directions it takes, its objectives, vision, and mission that it aims at accomplishing. Strategic plans are essential in any business and help an organization understand their current position, where they want to be in the future, and how to achieve their goals. It gives an organization a sense of purpose, helps it set its priorities, and helps achieve its goals efficiently and effectively. Various roles are created to develop a strategic plan, including management committee roles. The CEO plays an essential role in controlling and implementing the strategic plan. They also establish the planning group and ensure the completion of projects on time (Teixeira and Junior, 2019). Senior staff in human

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