Development of Math Lesson Instruction

Development of Math Lesson Instruction

Successful teachers understand how to integrate personal, family, and community experiences and cultural norms of young children into their lessons to develop young children’s mathematical thinking. These are also incorporated into collaborative and supportive interaction in the early childhood classroom.

For this assignment, use the grade level of your field experience class and select 1-3 math standards based on content that is currently being taught. You will be implementing one of these activities in a future field experience. Develop three cooperative group activities for groups of 3-4 students. One group activity should be technology -based, one should focus on problem solving, and one should focus on active inquiry.

Describe each activity in 250-500 words, including the following:

  • Standards-based objective
  • Content related, age appropriate vocabulary
  • Strategies that integrate personal, family, community experiences, and cultural norms of students
  • Cooperative learning strategies to support collaboration and supportive interaction (Each student should be an active part of the activity.)
  • Resources and hands-on materials to enhance learning
  • Differentiation to address students’ diverse learning needs

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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            The standard-based objective of this activity is to integrate technology in the educational setting of a mathematics lesson. This activity is meant to teach the basics of counting from 1 to 100. Students will be taught to count by intervals of ones and tens. Technology is incorporated into the lesson plan by computers which are used to aid in the lesson. The activity entails grouping the students into groups of 4, if possible, two students of each gender. The students should be separated evenly regarding culture and community to help them break the boundaries at an early age. There should be two teams, composed of a male and a female, to further aid in breaking any gender barriers at that age. The groups should also accommodate the various learning needs of each student.