Discuss and compareyourresults from Strengthfinder

Discuss and compareyourresults from Strengthfinder

Discuss and compare your results from Strength finder and the conflict assessment discuss the following points below:

  • What confrontations do you typically avoid?
  • What tricks do you use to talk yourself out of speaking up?
  • What can you do to break the silence-to-violence habit?
  • Compare the results from your strengths from StrengthsFinder and your conflict assessment. Reflect on your self-assessments in light of complexity in health care.

Requirements: 2pages

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The Strength Finder and conflict assessment results indicate that I tend to avoid confrontations that negatively affect my performance as a healthcare provider. These confrontations include waiting and letting conflict take care of itself, persuading others to see it and do it my way, and using whatever power I have to get what I want. Also include withdrawing from the situations, avoiding taking any action for as long as I can, keeping as far away from others involved as possible, and hoping the issue does not come up. I avoid such approaches to establish efficiency during my practice and achieve the most favorable outcomes

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