Discussion: Group Contingencies: Strengths and Limitations

Discussion: Group Contingencies: Strengths and Limitations

In situations where using individual contingencies is impractical or when a group’s behavior needs to be addressed quickly, group contingencies are often used. These contingencies are often employed in classrooms to reduce problem behavior, increase academic achievement, and capitalize on peer influence. Research has supported the use of group contingencies as effective methods of altering behavior.

One common independent group contingency, corporal punishment, continues to be scrutinized in the public school sector. According to The New York Times (Caron, 2018), the use of corporal punishment has been banned in a number of facilities and organizations but continues to be legal in 19 states. The use of corporal punishment has declined over the years. However, in areas where corporal punishment is still used, the punishment is not distributed equally, and this disparity is a cause for concern about its use.

For this Discussion, you will identify examples of group contingencies. Then, you will analyze the strengths and limitations of group contingencies.


Caron, C. (2018, December 13). In 19 states, it’s still legal to spank children in public schools. The New York Times. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/13/us/corporal-pun…

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Post responses to the following:

Identify and give an example of the following group contingencies:

  • Independent
  • Dependent
  • Interdependent

Explain the strengths and limitations of each group contingency example


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There are various examples of group contingencies. The first is independent group contingency which refers to the reward systems where individuals earn rewards for engaging in target behaviors. This type of contingency is different from others in that, although all other students engage in the same set of behavior, each student works towards an individual goal to receive an individual token. For instance, a teacher might tell all students to complete their puzzles to get time to play soccer. However, each student who finishes within the first ten minutes gets a soccer uniform (Skinner, Skinner, & Burton, 2009). This type of group contingency is suitable because it influences individual behavior in the school setting.

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