discussion post 1

discussion post 1

What is the value of supply chain management in terms of a health care organization? How does supply chain management impact the financial position of such an organization?

Essentials of Health Care Finance

Cleverley, W. O., & Cleverley, J. O. (2018). Essentials of health care finance (8th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. ISBN-13: 9781284094633

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healthcare organizations are looking at the billing and service portion of the revenue cycle to help reduce the budget. On the contrary, others have started to examine their healthcare supply chain management (Cleverley & Cleverley, 2018). Supply chain management in healthcare helps find the vulnerabilities among departments hence coming up with measures of reducing them. It helps identify weak areas in the hospital and look for ways to achieve the targeted health outcome and increase global health investment. An efficient supply chain management improves processes, efficient utilization of resources, offers better services to patients, and improves employee morale.

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