Meet the CapraTek HRM Professionals


Meet the CapraTek HRM Professionals

Alley and Robert are working hard at getting the best possible candidates to work for CapraTek and then ensuring the new employees thrive in a healthy workplace. Alley has tenure in the world of learning and development and can be best described as upbeat and super trendy. Robert is a former high school instructor and has been with the learning division of CapraTek for less than a year. Robert is hard working but not all that flexible and has a quick and simple solution for every dilemma. Alley is much more mindful of the complexity of the employees’ choices and desires. Their small team has been assigned the task of creating a comprehensive employee experience that includes the entire employee life cycle from attraction to departure from the company. Occasionally Robert becomes frustrated with Alley’s cutting-edge ideas for the many different areas of responsibility their team has. Alley and Robert like and respect each other a great deal, but they do not always find it easy to arrive at solutions that they are both happy with.

Today’s employees have the expectation that their job will be more than a place of work where they will spend a minimum of 40 hours a week. This week you will look at the employee experience and what it includes. HR professionals pay attention to all facets of the employee experience from what it feels like to be recruited and a candidate for a position at your organization, to the step by step process of onboarding a new employee, and ultimately how an employee separates from the company.

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What is employee experience in terms of the employee’s expectations?

What role does the supervisor play in the employee experience?

What role does the HR department play in the organization?

For reference, you can check the following website. It should be reviewed thoroughly, especially the employee life cycle model.

Definition of Employee Experience

Arnold, J. (2018). Creating an optimal employee experience. HRMagazine, 63(5), 76–81.

This article illustrates a different kind of thinking about the employee experience, beyond free food and new programs.

Davis, K. (2018, April). The major benefits of employee engagement: Employee engagement is a great place to start. Recognition and Engagement Excellence Essentials.

This article explains that employee engagement is tied to the financial performance of a company as well as the employee perception of meaningful work.

Pendell, R. (2018). Employee Experience vs. Engagement: What’s the Difference? Retrieved from…

This website is full of information from one of the leading research organizations for employee engagement and should be reviewed thoroughly, especially the employee life cycle model.

Role of HR in Employee Experience

(2019, March 7). Qualtrics defines the future of employee experience with new capabilities that shift human resources from cost centers to growth drivers: New features and solutions create system of action that enable managers and leaders to identify and improve employee experiences across the organization. PR Newswire.

In this article, read about a new engagement platform that is employee-centered instead of an organization centered so that it will meet the needs of the employee all along the employee life cycle.

Delaney, T. (2016, February). Who owns engagement?: HR abdicating responsibility. Recognition and Engagement Excellence Essentials.

This article focuses on the fact that employee engagement should be an issue for all senior executives because of the direct correlation with productivity, staff retention, customer experience, brand value, and corporate performance.

Fritcher, T. (2017, September). Turn that awesome candidate experience into a great employee experience: Few areas to consider. Recognition and Engagement Excellence Essentials.

The resource emphasizes that treating recruiting as a process much like the customer experience has changed the process for both hiring managers and job seekers.

Generations in the Workforce

Lapoint, P. A., & Liprie-Spence, A. (2017). Employee engagement: Generational differences in the workforce. Journal of Organizational Psychology, 17(5), 118–128.

Read this resource to know the different generation


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Employee experience refers to their perception throughout their journey, right from the job candidacy and working for an organization. Employee experience is also influenced by the employee’s expectations towards the organization (Arnold, 2018). The employee’s expectations may include jobs that pay well and jobs that can integrate with their lifestyles, provide them with an opportunity to grow and develop their careers, and create meaningful connections. Employee expectations determine job satisfaction and dissatisfaction, which impacts employee experience. Supervisors play an essential role in employee experience. When an employee joins the team, the supervisor must help them understand their job and transition (Pendell, 2018). The supervisor

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