Diversity in Organizations: Marriot International


Diversity in Organizations: Marriot International

HMD 320 DiversityInc Top 50 Essay on Hilton, Marriott or United Airlines

Go to www.DiversityInc.com and scroll down to 2020 Top 50 Companies for Diversity

Choose Marriott, Hilton OR United Airlines. DO NOT WRITE ABOUT ALL 3

Be sure to read this section thoroughly before choosing a company to review https://www.diversityinc.com/about-the-diversityinc-top-50-process/ (Links to an external site.)

Pay attention to the SIX KEY AREAS OF DIVERSITY & INCLUSION halfway down the page

Use APA Style, suggested length around 1200 words.

Answer all questions below, and use them as headings on your paper so you don’t miss any points.

  1. Based on your reading at DiversityInc.com , company websites, and other outside research, how do you think Hilton, Marriott or United perform? You must use external references and include citations.
  2. Based on Sections 1-5 Sections 1-5 of Strategic Diversity Plan (2).pptxPreview the documentand Sections 6-10 SECTIONS 6-10 of Strategic Diversity Plan.pptxPreview the documentof a Strategic Diversity Plan, and SHRM’s 10 Sections TEN ELEMENTS OF STRATEGIC DIVERSITY PLAN.docxPreview the document do you think DiversityInc has covered everything in their SIX KEY AREAS? If not, what is missing?
  3. What do you observe about the executives featured from Hilton, Marriott or United? (Don’t write all three)
  4. In your opinion, could Hilton, Marriott or United (Don’t write all three) improve its Diversity & Inclusion effort? If so, what could they do better?
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Organizational diversity is concerned with the composition of employees in the workplace. Diversity can focus on differences in religion, education, gender, ethnicity, culture, and age, among other issues. Managing diversity is essential for organizations since it enables the company to reach diverse audiences. Organizations, therefore, have to ensure that they achieve diversity for its benefits. According to DiversityInc (2020b),..
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