Racial Prejudice in Law Enforcement


Racial Prejudice in Law Enforcement

Media Survey: Write at least 3 pages about Media survey related to science of sociology. You must follow carefully the attached file of instructions

The paper must be constructed as follows:

Section 1 – Summary

Summarize the news story in your own words and provide the basic details (who, what, when, why, and how).

Section 2 – Analysis

Analyze the news story using one of the following sociological theories (functionalist, conflict, interactionist) learned in chapter 2, or some of the ideas about social inequality and stratification in society discussed in chapter 7 of the textbook. Discuss how the theories or ideas apply to your news story?

Section 3 – Sociological Imagination

Discuss your thoughts about the content of the news story combined with your sociological analysis. Use your sociological imagination to interpret the meaning and create innovative insights. In other words, what are your views about the news story in consideration of the sociological theory that you’ve learned?

Please see the full instructions in the attached file

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The media provides a reliable tool for assessing social developments as it highlights key issues that dominate public discourse. News provides a vital starting point in the quest to address societal concerns and build a more cohesive society. Concerns on structural racism within law enforcement agencies have been recurrent themes in various news platforms. This paper provides a sociological outlook on…
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