Employee motivation’s

After completing the lecture and reading assignments, write a response to the questions following the case at the end of Chapter 12, “Sodexo Incentives.” Do not use the questions in your response.

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2017). The employees are under the single umbrella of their employer. Therefore, in such a scenario, the employer has the mandate of providing a conducive environment that will bring out the best from their employees (Lăzăroiu, 2015). There are certain instances when the employees might feel under the weather, which might affect their overall performance. It is upon the employer to engage the employee and identify the issue that might be affecting them. After that, the employer can develop practical recommendations on how to address such matters (Mattke, Kapinos, Caloyeras, Taylor, Batorsky, Liu & Newberry, 2015). Failure to address employee motivation will eventually lead to the downfall of any organization.

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