Quality end of life care.

Mention important roles (at least 3) of the nurse while providing quality end -of-life care to seriously ill persons and their families. Explain your answer.

Provide a minimum of 2 referenbce no older than 5 years.


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Lastly, the nurse helps to maintain and improve patient’s quality of care by creating a plan for the caregivers to follow, this helps the caregivers in giving day-to-day care to the patient like performing day to day excises needed for better living and taking his or her medicines using the prescribed dosage at the required time. During the final hours, the nurse provides a loving and reassuring presence easing the passage from life to death (Moss, 2020.) The nurse raises the comfort of the patient by providing the family caregiver with much-needed respite care and emotional support where needed making the caregiver perform his other work with at most efficiency.

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