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Environmental Science Question

Write a summary about climate change after reading 1 article. I need only one page. The English is not my first language, so I want it simple. this is the article The 2015 Paris agreement (the link for this is https://unfccc.int/process-and-meetings/the-paris-…

Requirements: One page only


may this link help you, especially the last part stating with (Long-term temperature goal (Art. 2) – The Paris Agreement, ….)


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Human beings are part of a broader ecosystem, and their actions not only affect the environment around them but also come full cycle and impact their lives. Climate change has emerged as one of the most pressing issues within the broader environmental conservation discussion. The term describes negative consequences like global warming that are caused by human activities. Industrialization has been the most significant contributor to global warming as it causes the release of greenhouse emissions into the atmosphere, causing extreme changes in weather patterns. The Paris Agreement is an important document. It is a treaty that brings together more than one hundred and ninety-six-nations to advance the cause of environmental conservation amid climate change (UNFCCC, n.d.). Dealing with climate change is a complicated process because there are many interests at play. But the biggest challenge has been national sovereignty, a principle of international law that prohibits one nation from interfering with another country’s internal processes. Therefore, the only way to address global issues like climate change is to have treaties like the Paris Agreement that bind the countries who sign it to observe the agreed conditions.