Nursing Leaders as Ethical-Legal Change Agents

Nursing Leaders as Ethical-Legal Change Agents in Health Care

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In the course, you will research ethical decision-making and legal issues that influence your role as a nursing leader. Please take this opportunity to introduce yourself, state your area of specialization, and explain how you see your role as a nursing leader making ethical-legal and moral decisions. Include what actions you plan to take to minimize or alleviate moral distress caused by ethical dilemmas and the values that support your actions

.My name is Rachel. From my nursing experience is that I have worked in the Progressive Step-down Unit (PCU). I graduated in August 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I was able to sit for my board exam in 2020, and I was able to pass well. Therefore, through learning and doing several exams, I have been able to have different nursing experiences and learn other ideas on nursing operations. My learning experiences have enabled me to contribute a lot t the nursing profession as I have the necessary skills alongside the profession’s personality. Moreover, I have created a positive work setting within the hospital, wherein the progressive step-down unit department. The positive work environments I have made have helped me increase positive patient outcomes and the excellence of care. I’m currently working in a Psych Hospital that I found out I really like this field , it wasn’t my original field of interest but I have developed a new found passion for Psych and I’m actually really good at it with the patients.

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Am Rachael, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in nursing in August 2019. I have worked in the Progressive Step-down Unit (PCU) and did a board exam in 2020, which I passed well. I have gained knowledge from different nursing learning experiences, hence gaining a lot of skills from the positive working departments I have contributed to during my nursing profession, which helped me increase patient care outcomes. Every organization has its ethics, which helps guide the day-to-day activities of the organization. Ethical issues in health care happen when choices need to be made to improve the quality of patient care, solve clinical relationships, and grow morally, but the options fail to be made. Nurses spend most of their time with patients more than other medical practitioners, so any ethical decision-making should involve them. Most nurses undergo moral distress due to poor decisions made by nurse managers and other leaders.