Front Desk Manager Report

Front Desk Manager Report

You have taken the role of the new front desk manager of the hotel you selected in Week 1.

The General Manager (GM) of the hotel has asked you to complete several tasks during your first two weeks on the job.

Prepare a 525- to 700-word report for the GM in which you:

Submit your report, organizational chart, and checklist in one cohesive document.

I had done the week one prior to this so I will give you the information, and maybe that can help you with this assignment
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Front desk operations in Westin Bonaventure Hotel and Suites are the center of attractiveness in the hotel. Activities in this department are well organized and carried out courteously and professionally as directed by the hotel management. All areas in this department such as reservations and reception are well coordinated to address guest`s interests. Reporting structure in the hotel is fast and automated to save on time and allow good coordination of the departments. Organization structure in front desk department is headed in a hierarchical method with the manager as the head. The manager is tasked to ensure the department operations run smoothly utilizing business ethics and skills. Front desk operations in the hotel attract guests
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