HCI-670 Topic 2 DQ 1 & 2

HCI-670 Topic 2 DQ 1 & 2

answer the following DQ with 150-200 words each. Thank you

DQ 1:

Provide an example of an EHR-based clinical decision support tool from a workplace experience or current online resource. Describe the impact of the decision support tool on the quality of patient care.

DQ 2:

Discuss design principles used to facilitate heuristics in a clinical decision support process. Provide a workplace example and offer suggestions to improve the clinical decision support? Provide a rationale for why you made those suggestions.




Requirements: 150-200 words each

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Electronic health records are digital versions of paper records. They are essential as they yelp in recording the patient’s information. Electronic health records provide real-time patient-centered records that ensure easy access to the data by the healthcare providers. Electronic health records are essential medical records, and at the same time, they contain components that help in clinical decisions. Clinical decision support components are a significant part of EHR. Clinical decision support tools provide knowledge and individual information to physicians, and patients which is thoughtfully processed or provided at the right time to improve health and health care (Kusumawati, Nisman, & Pertiwi, 2021). They ensure that informed decisions are made within a healthcare system and provide effective clinical workflow. A clinical decision support tool

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