Instructional strategies Discussion 5: Instructional Strategies

Instructional strategies

Discussion 5: Instructional Strategies

Organizing instructional plans that generate student/learner interest and foster their participation is an important concern in the teaching and learning processes.

Attention to students’ developmental and learning preferences can help to ensure that students/learners become more involved in the lessons and activities that are designed for them.


  1. Read the articles :
    1. Strategies at a distance (Links to an external site.)
    2. Effective strategies for teaching at a distance (Links to an external site.)
  2. Now discuss the key aspects that are important to consider when planning lesson/course delivery at a distance? Note: consider both fully Online as well as a Hybrid situation
    1. Include how Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy (Links to an external site.) can be useful in lesson planning?
  • Be sure to cite your textbook and at least one additional resource.
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Requirements: 3 paragraph

Readings-5 Instructional Strategies




Gordon, et al

  • Chapter 9
    • Instructional Goals or Essential questions and Instructional objectives or learning targets
  • Chapter10

Supplementary Reading

Download The 4 Cs map of Instructional Design.docx

Teaching at a Distance: (Links to an external site.)

Teaching strategies for the Remote Classroom (Links to an external site.)

The Covid 19 Toolkit for Teachers and Parents (Links to an external site.)

Teaching styles and curriculum delivery:

How teaching is Changing: 15 Challenges for the 21st Century Teacher (Links to an external site.)

What is your teaching style? (Links to an external site.)

Teaching Methods and Theories…

chapter 9 and 10

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The COVID-19 pandemic forced educators to embrace online and hybrid learning. Effectively teaching students from a distance can be challenging. Despite this, educators should consider several aspects when planning online and hybrid lesson delivery. One of these aspects revolves around spacing learning opportunities over time (Sumeracki, 2020). For instance, students will learn and retain more information when allowed to study for spread out 30 minutes instead of 2.5 hours continuously per day. Educators should also consider switching between different topics when teaching (Sumeracki, 2020). Doing this ensures learners are familiar with the differences and similarities between varying ideas. When planning lesson delivery, be it in an online or hybrid environment, integrating retrieval practice is vital. By doing this, educators will help students bring information to mind from memory, helping their comprehension and retention of information (Sumeracki, 2020). Educators can use frequent no-stakes or low-stakes quizzes via course management systems for distance courses.

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