Cyberbullying and mental health in adolescents

Cyberbullying and mental health in adolescents

  1. Provide the research question that your research paper will be attempting to explore. In other words, create a question that you could answer through research. Explain why you are interested in researching this topic; why is it important?.
  2. List five (5) sources in APA format (this should also include the link you retrieved them from) and briefly (in a couple of sentences) explain how each article connects to your research question (this does not have to be too detailed. The article summaries will be done in Milestone 2)

-For the selection of your five (5) articles, use PsycINFO or PsycARICLES. Your articles MUST be:

    • Peer Reviewed (a. limit your search to “peer-reviewed” and b. check to see that the journal itself is peer reviewed by looking at their website-it will always be noted)
    • The articles MUST be of standard length (do not use a brief report or an abstract)
    • The articles MUSTcontain a research study that was conducted (e.g. have Methods and Results sections)

Guidelines for Submission: You will upload the paper as a Word document to Blackboard for grading and feedback. Please see the feedback provided by your professor in course.

To help you with this Milestone even further, review the following instructions:

– A research question might look like this “is there a relationship between individuals’ personality traits (e.g. agreeableness) and volunteering?” To create your own research question, consider the following example formats (you can choose to use any of them or use something else):

  • What is the relationship between ________ and _____?
  • Does _______ increase the likelihood that _____ will happen?
  • Does _______ decrease the likelihood that _____ will happen?
  • How does _________ happen?

Requirements: 2-3 pages

this will be a 3 milestone project, this is just the first milestone. I will ask you to please make sure you get the 5 articles from the following websites : PsycINFO or PsycARICLES.

The topic is Cyberbullying and mental health in adolescents

So this can be open to anything related to how it leads to and affect mental health in adolescent

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Human development occurs in different stages of a person’s life. For many people, the adolescence phase is where most formulate their identities and enjoy significant emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development. It is a fun stage of life to be in. Technological advancements such as social media have significantly altered societal life, making it easier for people to communicate and conduct business, among many other things. Despite these benefits, social media also has several downsides. One such downside is that it has created an environment that tolerates and promotes cyber-bullying. Bullying is not a recent phenomenon, considering it has been a part of human interaction. It often happens when they is a perceived

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