International Marketing

International Marketing Exam

1) Please see the following article about a Chinese electric bus company. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

What are five issues they may (or will) face when entering new markets outside of China? Political, legal, competitive, financial, cultural, or others.

This is a real profound change in public transportation and these products are leading the charge (no pun intended).

List your issues and discuss. The above short list is just a sample, there is plenty of research data on this market and in the press.

2) We have on and off discussed the issues of traffic and conversion in sales success. Each has a role to play in sales success. What are five issues related to traffic and conversion you might encounter in entering a new market? Be sure to use examples if you can.

3) What are your opinions on the importance of price in your own market, as well as entry into new markets. Mike’s presentation is available in the May 2nd file folder for reference. This is YOUR opinion, it does not have to match the presentation in your consideration. All markets are not the same. Use examples to provide clarity.

4)What is the problem with adding features to your product? Outline the issues and why or why not a feature should be added. How might this issue play in international markets. Also consider the addition of features with issues of price. What might you do here?

5) Find a website in a market out of the US. Look for one from a company that has a product they might export to the US. Look at their website and tell me three things you like. Not visually, something they are doing right. The, look for three things you think could be better, and why. Be sure to leave the site link for me to check out.

Sidenote: 1. Each question is completely separate from the next. 2. This is an exam so the longer the better!!!

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According to Hodges (2018), major issues that electric buses will or are likely to face while entering the market can be categorized in different aspects. In the competitive aspect, the electric bus owners should expect some stiff resistance. This resistance will come from the fuel producers who will incur losses and wouldn’t want them secondly from the financial aspects electric buses seem to be a bit expensive as compared to fuel buses. Due to this convincing clients to purchase them will be an issue since anyone would go for the cheaper one. On the legal front for every motor vehicle to enter into the roads and start operating the different government institutions must verify their worthiness.(1026words)