Kingdom Life

Kingdom Life

1. What is the biblical view of wealth and possessions? Compare and contrast the Old Testament, New Testament, and current prevailing cultural views on money matters. Can it be a blessing when God withholds what he knows will corrupt the human heart? What are we supposed to do with the material blessings God bestows upon us?

2. Discuss the potential dangers of worshipping money, sex, power, youth, and beauty? How can these idols of the heart affect personal relationships, life goals, and even family members around us? How do they affect friendships and marriages

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The Bible provides different views of wealth and possessions, as seen in the Old and New Testaments. In Genesis 13, the Bible says that Abram was the richest man in Canaan due to his cattle, sheep, goats, silver, and gold. Verse 15 of chapter 13 illustrates that God gave Abram all the land and blessed him to become that father of all descendants. Despite having all this wealth, Abram continued trusting in God and took steps to build Him an altar of worship.