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Discuss Post HR Strategy & Respond to two peers

Laws and regulations. Consider what Wachter means by the following statement: “Laws and regulations largely inform individuals what they cannot do, but ethics instruct individuals and organization as to what they should do. Ethics are about doing the right thing, not about not doing the wrong thing.”

Give an example of an HR strategy that requires moral courage, conviction, and professional understanding to look out for workers and the public despite other pressures. Recommend an HR strategy to overcome the pressures. In your recommendation, cite a situation from your readings, research, and/or experience.

Laws and regulations sample answer

Law and ethics are two different things, but they work together to create a conducive environment in workplaces. Watcher argues that laws inform people what they should not do, while ethics tells people what they should do. By this statement, Watcher means that managers may be pressured when making decisions. That is, decision-makers should make sure that their decision is not against the law and at the same time make sure that they uphold ethics. For example, managers should not discriminate against employees because civil rights laws prohibit workplace discrimination based on color, race, or gender (De Schutter, 2016). However, managers should not only avoid discrimination, but they should also practice ethics by treating employees equally. Based on this information, HR managers may experience pressure when implementing strategies for managing employees…

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