Market Analysis – New Innovative Shoes

Market Analysis – New Innovative Shoes


Your market analysis studies the dynamics of a market and what makes potential customers tick. For this professional assignment, you will develop a market analysis for your business. Product is called SwapSoles which are some innovative shoes that allow you to change the soles to perform sports and do leisure activities as well. (This is an imaginary product; it does not exist)

* All the information is already provided in the Word Document attached. You just need to re-structure the information into the following structure, paraphrase all the text to eliminate plagiarism, and add more relevant data from peer-reviewed sources. It is very important that you re-write the information as this is information is from another class assignment and would appear as plagiarism if not properly paraphrased.

Structure of the report:

  • Summary of your product + Distinguishing characteristics (2 paragraph minimum)
  • Industry description and outlook (1 paragraph minimum)
  • Target markets (2 paragraphs minimum)
  • Customer profile (1 paragraph minimum)
  • Customer needs (1 paragraph minimum)
  • Trends (2 paragraphs minimum)
  • Potential competitors (2 paragraphs minimum)


-Double spacing

-Font: Times New Roman, Size 12

-At least six (6) peer-reviewed sources (include DOI in reference page) (Use some of the existing references but add at least 3 new references)

-In-text citations

-No plagiarism (IMPORTANT)

Requirements: follow structure indicated

This should be an easy one as all the information needed is included in the document attached and I mostly need help paraphrasing the text, adding new peer-reviewed sources and re-structuring the information into the structure required for this report. Let me know if you have any questions.
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Change is among the few things in life that are unavoidable. This philosophy is gaining traction within the corporate world, considering organizational leaders acknowledge the inevitability of change. Due to this mindset, organizations consistently look for ways to anticipate changes in their business environments and adapt to them (Braguinsky et al., 2021). Organizations that can do this often succeed in the contemporary business environment. These organizations’ adoption and promotion of innovation are significant hallmarks of these organizations (Braguinsky et al., 2021). Embracing this concept allows these organizations to develop creative and novel ways to adapt to changes, such as developing innovative and differentiated products. This paper will present a market analysis of a new innovative product called SwapSoles.

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