Marketing mix

Major : Marketing / Course : Consumer behavior / I need someone to write for me 2 to 3 pages about the MARKETING MIX VARIABLES for ELECTRIC CARS in the Jordanian market, and include the references.

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The process of delivering the product should be considered too. The relationship with customers, distribution procedures, the channel of sales, and payment systems should be considered. The method chosen for the process should allow the company to minimize cost and maximize the benefits of the customer. The process requires frequent assessments and adjustments to ensure they are up to date (Morgan, Whitler, Feng & Chari, 2019). The company should ensure that their performance and productivity is of high quality (Thabit & Raewf, 2018). They should be able to deliver what their customers need and what they promised to provide them. The quality should be satisfying, and the price should be affordable for the target customers. For the company to grow and have many sales, they should ensure they consider the marketing mix variables as they can help them promote their products. They should ensure they choose their target customers and offer a high-quality product at an affordable price. By putting into consideration, the marketing mix variables, they will be able to thrive.

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