Atmospheric perspective

1- Attached are the following:

a) my painting about the global warming

b) the professor instructions about what should be done in the paper and its presentation (all should be reflected on the attached painting)

2- Some information about my painting:

In my painting, I have applied what I’ve learned in this course. So, I applied the Transparency lesson that appears in my colors when I mixed up the red and yellow that makes orange color seen. Also, in coloring the globe Atmospheric Perspective I apply what I’ve learned in this lesson through manipulation of hue. The value and saturation Color Temperature Warm vs. Cool and this appears in terms of the warm color like yellow and the cool color like blue and green. Finally, Optical Blending’s lesson helped me show my idea of the effects of warming on the earth.

I’ve also shown the names of the lessons (principles) on my painting that show where I applied each concept on the painting

3- The required is:

a) write a paper of 600 words about this painting in which you must reflect each point the professor mentioned on my painting. you must follow the rubric carefully here.

b) Make a PowerPoint slides about it following exactly the professor instructions (attached)

point out to parts you are describing of painting, also write footnote.

In both paper and presentation, try to emphasize how this course (Color Theory-Fine Art) makes me understand how to effectively use colors.

Please understand the paiting and the instructions very well in order to do the work

please talk about the colors I mixed to get each appearing color. Also the hues ..

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forestry. If humans can protect this universe, then this can help reduce the global warming challenges. After completing this part of the composition, looking at that globe enhanced warmth and peace of mind, which human beings can achieve if they safeguard their environment.

Moreover, my art piece illustrated optical blending, which is a concept learned to show color fusing. Worth noting, optical blending is a phenomenon demonstrating how color fusing is an aspect of brain interaction. I used rough brush strokes to create an impression of pure colors on the fire-like flames covering the globe to achieve this. At a glance, one can say that the orange hue has a blend of other pigments; however, the optical color mixing due to close positioning

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