Memo about Using an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Memo about Using an Entrepreneurial Mindset


You have decided to open a cupcake bakery and move your home-based business into a storefront. Recently, you met with SBA National, a non-profit, that focuses on helping entrepreneurs start their business with funding and guidance. The non-profit also hosts a business pitch competition to anyone who is a client. One of the requirements of the SBA business pitch competition is that each participant must create a memo about how an entrepreneurial mindset can be used to start a business.


Create a memo outlining how you plan to use the entrepreneurial mindset for your business. Conduct research on the entrepreneurial mindset and do the following in the memo:

  • Describe what aspects of the entrepreneurial mindset can be used in a business.
  • Outline how you would use those aspects in your business.
  • Provide your recommendation from your research on how the entrepreneurial mindset can be beneficial to your business.
  • Provide attribution for credible sources.

Requirements: substantial

Not sure on the relevance, but here is the assignment I just did before this one if you need it to reference to.


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I started a cupcake bakery that has been operating as a home-based business for some time now. However, I have plans to move the home-based business into a storefront to offer cupcakes of different varieties and flavors to a broader market and bulk buyers. The business’s mission is to provide all customers with affordable, diverse, healthy cupcakes with lower sugar levels. Additionally, the business aims to provide high-quality cakes to customers hosting huge events such as parties, weddings, anniversaries, and other celebrations. The business will also heavily operate online to enable customers from far and near regions to place their orders through the business website, social media platforms, or making calls. The company will also provide free deliveries for the ordered cupcakes for customers within 300 meters of the store, but those beyond this radius will be charged a small delivery fee. All these plans can only be realized through my effective use and implementation of my entrepreneurial mindset.

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