The Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence

  • Please watch the 10-minute video above discussing in more detail the Declaration of Independence. The video breaks down the Declaration in detail. Part of the Declaration explains the phrase “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”
  • Explain what the founding fathers meant with this statement.
  • Also, discuss what this phrase means to you personally.
  • Be sure to discuss what happiness means to you and how the government can play a role in your pursuing and achieving your happiness.
  • Please answer the following questions with a 300-word response.

Requirements: 300-350 words

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The phrase “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is among the self-evident truths presented in the seven components of the declaration of independence in 1776 (Cmseibert. 2009). The founding fathers’ perspective concerning this phrase was the freedom of an individual to utilize their time and resources in pursuit of happiness. They did not intend the phrase to be interpreted as self-indulgence and pursuit of pleasure. Instead, it means that the individuals would utilize their talents in obtaining a direction in life that yields the most satisfaction. Also, the founding fathers’ meaning of the phrase was an individual’s freedom to seek a direction that benefits their family, friends, and future generations.

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